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We are pioneers in D2C business.

In the dynamic world of Direct-to-Consumer, at Avilia Group we have distinguished ourselves for being among the first. Want you call us pioneers?
Our mission has always been clear: bringing efficiency, economy and direct value by directly interact with our customer. 

We do this with our proprietary brands and third-party brands, we break down the distribution line, and the product goes from our hands to the direct end customer.
One contact person, one channel, Avilia Group

great brands, great stories.

There are so many ways and partners to do these activities, our numbers indicate that we know how to do it the right way.

Brand Creation
At the Avilia Group, brand creation is an art. We not only create a brand, but we weave the narrative that makes it come alive and resonate in the hearts of consumers. Every brand we develop is unique, designed to stand out in the marketplace and build a deep emotional connection with the audience.
Product R&D
Our R&D focuses on innovation and quality. From initial concept to final realisation, each product is the result of extensive research, rigorous testing and an unwavering commitment to excellence. At the Avilia Group, we create products that not only meet market needs, but anticipate them.
At the production stage, the Avilia Group integrates state-of-the-art technology with artisanal methods to ensure the highest quality. Every production process is carefully monitored to ensure that each product meets the high standards our customers expect from us.
Marketing & Sales
Our approach to marketing and sales is as strategic as it is creative. We use cutting-edge market analysis, digital marketing techniques and customised sales strategies to ensure that each product reaches its target audience in the most effective way. At the Avilia Group, every campaign is a success story.
For the Avilia Group, the customer is at the centre of every decision. From pre-sales support to post-purchase service, we are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience. We continuously listen, learn and adapt to meet and exceed our customers' expectations, creating lasting relationships based on trust and value.

How we do it

The Avilia Group excels in D2C with advanced own logistics of 6,000 square meters, an extensive catalog of 9,000 products, and a dedicated team. From unique brand development, R&D and manufacturing to marketing and customer service, we ensure quality and innovation. Each product reflects our commitment to excellence, supported by effective sales strategies and an exceptional customer experience. We are the ideal partner for a dynamic and growing company. If you’ve come this far, what else are you waiting for to pitch us your products?


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Platform Owner of aviliahome.it

Aviliahome.it is the e-commerce dedicated to private individuals, offering an exclusive selection of products for every aspect of home life. From the garden to the bedroom, from furniture to the kitchen, and even small appliances. Our platform presents not only products of our renowned proprietary brands, but also items of our partner brands from all over the world.

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We are trend hunters

With our marketing activities, which integrate all creativity related to social channels, google, online and offline magazines into one funnell, each product will have its own audience and the success it deserves!

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